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Gallery 750 ccm conversions

Do you own an extraordinary or grazy modificated Laverda? Give us your picture with a short description!



3x 750SFCThree times 750 SFC
Left hand side 750 SFC built 1972
Middle 750 SFC built 1974
Right hand side 750 SFC built 1976
This three bikes’ owner has heaven on earth already ..
picture no. 750 G-11

750er mit Yamaha-Teilen 750 with Yamaha parts
Swing arm, fork, seat are from a Yamaha, the original tank has been extended backward. Anything goes ..
picture no. 750 G-10

750er Chopper 750 Chopper
Like Choppers or not, this shows a lot of careful attention.
picture no. 750 G-09

750er ganz anders 750 SFC very different
A SF2 converted into SFC with Ducati varnishing. Great job!
picture no. 750 G-08

750er mit Guzzi-Cockpit 750er with Guzzi shield
Nice thing, such a bit of Guzzi fairing!
picture no. 750 G-07

750er Legoni ohne Optik 750ccm Segoni chassis
This Laverda with Segoni chassis was found in an Italian basement. Should be some work before it runs. The second picture shows the machine with the monochoke.

picture no. 750 G-06 and 750 G-06+1

750er Legoni mit Optik

750er Ratbike 750 Ratbike
Some don’t want to believe it – others just love it. Everybody should ride whatever they like!
picture no. 750 G-05

750er SF2 Details 750 SF2 with Metisse parts
The partial fairing is from Metisse / GB, the seat from a 900 SS Ducati plus lovingly created details like the window that shows the alternator’s pulley.
picture no. 750 G-04 and 750 G-04+1 and 750 G-04+2

750er Kunstwerk

Limadeckel mit Sichtfenster

750er Zentralrohr 750 with central tube frame
I don’t really like the frame or the car alternator.
picture no. 750 G-03

Eigenbau aus England own brand from England
The complete frame has been built by an English guy. He presented the semi-finished bike. Not an easy one, respect!
picture no. 750 G-02

Zentralrohr 1997 750 with central tube frame built 1997
As far as I know this central tube frame has also been built by a private enthusiast in 1997. The engine is even assembled with the rare 36 mm Amal carburetors.
picture no. 750 G-01