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Abbreviations in the catalogue (legend to symbols)

  • circle means: This part belongs specifically to this model type 1000, 1200 or 120°.
  • triangle means: This part does not necessarily belong to this model type, but can or must be used as the original part is no longer available. Mounting is normally not problematic.
  • square means: This part does not necessarily belong to this model type, but can or must be used, as the original part is no longer available. Adjustment work is needed when mounting.
  • "empty" means: Does not fit this model type.
  • green: Immediate delivery for over 3700 entries. Though please note as this can change over night if many customers order the same part on the same evening so that we have not had chance to update the traffic light status. Though we do not expect this to happen often.
  • yellow: In preparation or is temporarily out of stock. You can place your order for the part and as soon as it becomes available we will inform you together with the cost.
  • red: Longterm will not be available, therefore cannot be ordered, this applies for parts that are seldom requested and therefore difficult to manufacture in small quantities.
  • white: These are remarks regarding the spare part and therefore cannot be ordered.

Possible details * A - D or * 1 – 4 in the catalogue are quickly out of date. Latest information should be taken from the internet-shop, errors and omissions excepted.

*A Original parts: Generally it is to be accepted that small damage to paint, chrome etc is present after 30 years of storage. We will of course accept return within 14 days if you are not happy (money back guarantee). Please first inform us by phone of any returned goods. Note that for original parts e.g. master brake cylinder or callipers you must first for safety install new seals. These new seals are inclusive and must be inserted by yourself.

*B Replica Parts: almost original reproduced replacement parts from comapies that originally supplied Laverda. In individual cases it should be checked if these parts require registering in the machine’s documention. The resonsibility for this is belongs customer.

*C Replica Parts: almost original reproduced replacement parts. These parts require registering in the documents of German machines. For other countries other laws apply. The resonsibility for this is belongs customer.

*D Tuning parts: Not released for use on public roads e.g. necessary to have parts listed in machine’s documents.

* 1/2/3/4 refer to price in internet-shop

*0 locating spare parts it is related to a Note within one of the Chapters

*1 for the time being not deliverable – please phone for further details. Our internet-shop traffic-light (from 2009) shows how long it will take before the part is deliverable.

*2 Used parts: Depending on the nature of the part you will receive for the given price a useable original part, which of course will have visible marks or light wear marks. Of course you have the option of returning within 14 days (we exchange when possible or money back guarantee). As long as stock is available. The details in *2 should be considered.

  • Cast Aluminium parts (remaking is as a rule too expensive) you receive a bead blasted part with minimal visible marks e.g. body parts, cylinder head or barrels etc. A cylinder head from *2 will not have been refurbished.
  • Aluminium parts that originally had a polished finish (remaking is as a rule too expensive) You receive an old unpolished part with some visible marks from usage. e.g. engine covers. All bearings internal to the part, bearings or seals will have to be replaced and paid for additionally. You have to polish this part yourself. Parts that have been polished by us, will have a higher purchase price. Please contact us for clarification.
  • Used steel parts, parts that were originally zinc plated or chrome plated, have been bead blasted and the chrome plated, that gives a matt surface finish (actually better and longer lasting than the original part, especially when original the part was zinc plated) e.g. studs, mounting brackets etc
  • Used Steel Parts, parts that were originally not coated, you receive bead blasted parts, that has been oiled to protect against rust e.g. studs in engine or non visible spacers
  • Used internal engine parts you receive a functional part, though has not been reconditioned. Any bearings or bronze bushes are not included e.g. this is a used part and will have to be reconditioned. Only when stated that the part is to be used in part-exchange e.g. gear-change of the 750. Crankshaft or break pads, the parts have of course been reconditioned. Pay attention to all comments related to such parts. It is recommended to check this before ordering by telephone.

*3 Currently not available! We’ll take your  order as backorder. As soon as the part is available we will contact you. If there is a price given it is only a reverence value. Most probably the newly produced part will have a different price.

*4 This part is not deliverable. The final price can differ from the shown product price. Please phone to clarify status.