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Hello dear Laverda customer,
please print out the calendar below and hang it in the garage besides your Laverda.

# Blue bar in the calendar:
Orders will only be sent out on these days!
For orders that are paid by bank transfer = prepayment, the money must of course be received first,
so there may be delays here.

# Weeks marked in red: no telephone support
During this period we work calmly on repair orders and spare parts production.
This has been proven for over 20 years to always be on time and ready for deliverance, just like you know us.

# Weeks marked in green: no telephone support
We just go on vacation, e.g. to drive Laverda or do nothing.

# The telephone support takes place as usual Mon - Thu 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., except in the weeks marked red or green.

We do what many of you would probably like!
Work in peace and stress-free, plus more free time.
Because we don’t get younger either!
The workshop area has always been fully booked 2 years in advance.
To get this better organized, spare parts are only dispatched one day a week.

Thanks for your understanding

Andy Wagner and team