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Model specification Laverda 1000

180° engine with Bosch generator (ignition RHS)


Primary chaincase from 180° engine with Bosch generator RHS

N.D. generator on late 180° or 120° engines

Primary chaincase with 2 PK = ignition from 180° engine with N.D. generator RHS

Primary chaincase with 3PK = ignition from 120° engine, always fitted N.D. generator RHS

1000/0 front and rear drumbrake with spoke wheel, 35 mm Ceriani front fork and an almost vertically mounted reas shock absorber

1000/1 spoke wheel, front double disc brake, rear drumbrake, 38 mm Ceriani front fork and an almost vertically mounted rear shock absorber

1000/3CL cast iron wheel with disc brake front and rear, with the rear shock tilted forward. Also a 38 mm Ceriani front fork and a moved back foot rest plate

1200 T almost the same as the 3CL, only with shorter side covers and Marzzochi front forks. The 1000s have Cerianiforks

180° Jota with a fairing similar to the 750 SFC and side covers from the 1000s. Original with moved back foot rests. The gear shift is moved from RHS to LHS (see chapter 63)

180° Jota with rectangular half fairing and side covers from the 1200s. The gear shifter is moved from RHS to LHS (see chapter 63)

1200 Jubile - this machine was built especially for the 30th anniversary of LAVERDA

1200 TS has big triangular side covers, also the engine is covered LHS and RHS

120° Jota at first they look identical with the 180° Jota (picture 12). But the engine is mounted in silentblocks like all 120°s are.

RGS very modern outfit. The tank filler neck is integrated into the front fairing RHS.

RGA looks like an RGS without fairing. In Germany there are some alloytanks available for to make them look nicer. At that time the LAVERDA importer hat them buit especially.

RGA Jota a limited edition which officially didn’t come to Germany. Special thanks to Ulla D. from Sweden for giving me such a rare picture.

RGS Executive is like an RGS with much more fairing, also a rare model

1000 SFC shown with cast alloy wheels. Later they built a 1000 SFC Classic with spoke wheels. It was the very last motorcycle from LAVERDA in Breganze before they had to close the doors