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Important - General Terms and Conditions:

  1. On the catalogues
  2. Warranty
  3. Your Right to return Merchandise
  4. General Information
  5. Original Condition
  6. Parts to be exchanged
  7. Spare part pictures
  1. On the catalogues (On the Internet and on paper):
    • We assume no liability for technical advice and suggestions, in particular with regard to English and French translations, because we cannot check whether they are correct.
    • Our ability to deliver merchandise *A to D and *1 to 4 can change anytime. When the new issue is published, the old catalogues are no longer valid.
    • All prices in the Internet catalogue contain 19 % German VAT. Packaging and shipping are additional.
    • © All rights, including those to reprint excerpts, to reproduce photos, produce microfilms and photo copies as well as their transfer to, preparation or reproduction on data carriers, data banks, as well as national and international networks and translations of them are reserved to Andy Wagner. Any unauthorized reproduction or other use will be prosecuted according to the stipulations of the copyright act.
    • © Our shark is subject to copyright laws.
    • © Our old 96 catalogues remain subject to copyright laws.
  2. Guarantee – Warranty:
    • We offer a 2 year guarantee on all motor vehicle parts (new and replacement parts) with the exception of used parts starting at the time of delivery. As for used parts, the warranty is limited to one year.
    • This only applies when there is a fault in the material. Damage caused by improper handling or unusual wear and tear, are excluded from the warranty.
    • The warranty is initially restricted to the replacement of the damaged part with the corresponding new or used part. If the repair or exchange is unsuccessful, you may withdraw from the contract or reduce the purchase price.
    • Return shipments must always be free of cost for us. When your claims are justified, we certainly also ship the merchandise back to you free of charge and reimburse the shipping costs. We also reimburse you for shipping costs for returns on the basis of your 5 week withdrawal right from the contract, if the value of the order exceeds 40 Euros.
  3. Your Right to Return Merchandise §§:
    • You have the following 5 week withdrawal right to return articles which were not manufactured extra according to your specifications or which are not clearly fitted to personal needs or are not suitable for being sent back due to their form. Audio and video recordings or software are also excluded once you have unsealed the data carriers. This right to return merchandise only applies to consumers according to the German Civil Code of Law (BGB).
    • Right of Withdrawal: You can withdraw from you contract declaration in writing (letter, fax, e-mail) within two weeks without stating a reason or by sending back the merchandise. The time limit begins at the earliest upon reception of this instruction. To comply with the withdrawal deadline it suffices to send back the declaration of withdrawal from the contract in writing or the merchandise in due time to: Andy Wagner - Oberlohnstrasse 3 - D-78467 Konstanz (Germany), Fax 0049(0)7531/ 53737
    • Consequences of Withdrawal: If you effectively withdraw from the contract, the goods and services received by both sides must be returned as well as any other benefits from the transaction (e.g. interest) if necessary. If you cannot return the received goods or only return them to us in part or in poorer condition, you will have to reimburse us the value, if need be. When relinquishing the goods, this does not apply, when their condition deteriorated while they were being tested -- which could have happened, for example, in the shop. Incidentally, you can avoid having to reimburse us the value of the goods by not using the goods as if you owned them and avoid doing anything which might depreciate their value. When sending back delivered merchandise, which amounts into total to less than 40 Euros, you will have to cover the shipping costs, if the delivered merchandise agrees with your order. Otherwise, return shipment is free of charge for you. Goods which cannot be sent as packages will be picked up at your place of residence.
  4. General Information:
    • The delivered merchandise remains our property until it has been completely paid for.
    • For industrial and private customers, the place of jurisdiction for both parties is Konstanz.
  5. Original Condition:
    • If the condition of your machine no longer corresponds to the original condition, this must be described thoroughly to us. Otherwise, you might receive the wrong part.
  6. Exchanged Parts:
    • We would prefer that you send us your old part together with your order. So that we are able to decide if we can use your spare-part in part-exchange. Please always confirm by telephone before ordering parts for part-exchange, this way we can reduce any misunderstanding and check possibility of delivery. If your part for part-exchange is badly damaged, you will have to pay additionally or even have to pay the full price or new price without part-exchange.
    • We send immediately an ordered part in part-exchange if we have the part in stock, though we request a corresponding higher deposit, up to the value of the new price, until your old spare-part has reached us. As long as your spare-part is acceptable we will return your deposit.
    • Payback of deposit is done once, assuming there was no need for additional repair work on the old spare-part e.g. deep scratches or externally visible damage of the master brake cylinder. A deposit deduction of the value of 15€ will be made if we have to wait for more than 4 weeks until receiving your old spare-part (outside of Europe 8 weeks). A further deposit deduction of the value of 25€ will be made if we have to wait for more than 8 weeks until receiving your old spare-part (outside of Europe 10 weeks), always referring to our billing date.
    • A deposit deduction of the value of 15 € will be made, if we receive your old spare-part without a copy of the bill, as this causes us a lot of unnecessary work. Example values for deposits: Primary tensioner 30 &euro, Brake pads pair 100 €, master cylinder or calliper 150 € etc. or the difference between the refurbished and the new price. Please note that all used parts to be used in part exchange have to be confirmed by telephone before sending.
  7. Spare part pictures:
    • For small parts there are sometimes 2 parts on one picture. So you can see it from different positions and get a better idea of its shape and size. If you order 1 part, you’ll get 1. Not 2, even if 2 are shown on the photograph.
    • Stck. = price for one single piece, even if there are 2 pieces on the picture..
    • Paar = price for one single pair as described in the text. On the picture you see what you get if you order 1 pair.
    • Satz = price for one single set as described in the text. On the picture you see what you get if you order 1 set.
    • Changes reserved to all parts in shape, colour and surface conditions, esp. with *2 parts = used parts.