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Do you know that?
Everybody writes e-mails these days and expects an answer within 2 minutes.
People spend their days at the computer and cannot really do much except writing mails.

You know that problem?
The phone is ringing all day and you keep interrupting your work.
That’s what causes mistakes, finally you get peeved.

We’ve been doing it in a different way for more than 30 years now, and that’s what made us so successful and reliable.
We discuss things on the phone during our service time Monday to Thursday 3 to 6 p.m.
So we can work concentrated with the best possible result until 3 p.m. at your orders and repairs.

Call us!
We do speak English! Written English we do not understand.
If you speak only French - call anyway, we’ll get by.

You want to visit us?
No Problem! But not without an appointment. Otherwise we don’t have the time to concentrate on your orders and repairs.
We’ve always got our hands full.

With best Laverda greatings,

Andy Wagner + Team

Andy Wagner
Oberlohnstr 3

DE 78467 Konstanz
Phone 0049 (0)7531 - 61198 / 3-6 PM

FAX    0049 (0)7531 - 53737